Hair pigmentation: what is it?

Hair pigmentation: what is it?

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Only 3 sessions lasting an average of two hours each.

Using pigment without contraindications and compliant with the strictest health standards.

The pigments are eliminated from the body within 24 months on average.

Hair pigmentation technique

The hair pigmentation is a reversible and an innovative technique that allows a non-surgical hair thickening effect. Intervenes on the scalp affected by baldness or with scar tissue in both men and women. Depending on the case the affected areas are treated in a targeted and specific way.

The machinery and the dermographer are specially designed to work in a superficially manner and NOT invasive.

Pigments, applicators (needles) and expendable materials completely sterile and disposable, together with the experience of the hair pigmentation technician, allow to perform a curative treatment and with a completely natural effect.

The hair pigmentation can also be considered as a valid alternative or complement to the medicine and surgery. For further information or to book an appointment, please contact us.

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