Hair pigmentation: questions and answers

Hair pigmentation: questions and answers

How does hair pigmentation can make up for the majority of remedies for hair loss?

Below there are some of the most commonly asked questions about our treatments. – Elisabetta Belfiore


Transplantation or hair pigmentation?
It is possible to obtain an invisible scar?
Is the treatment painful?
If I do a lot of sport my results will be less durable?
What happens if I do not the periodical maintenance?
And what about white hair and / or grizzled?
The dots made with the hair pigmentation are dilated?
I am a carrier of prostheses, can I take it off and immediately undergo to hair pigmentation?
It is possible to keep the prosthesis until the final result of the last session?
At what length do I shave my shaved hair before undergoing shaved effect treatment?
How often should I shave my hair to do not notice the difference between mine and those of hair pigmentation?
Immediately after the treatment can I do sports?
Can I expose myself to the sun with hair pigmentation?
If I look myself closely who knows me will notice something?
Hair pigmentation or Toppik?

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