About Ms Belfiore

Ms Elisabetta Belfiore

Ms Elisabetta Belfiore - Tricopigmentazione

Ms Elisabetta Belfiore, from Milan, Technical Education and a great passion for medical and cosmetic micropigmentation. Thanks to her strong will, sensitivity and aesthetic sense, always looking for the excellence, becomes one of the best experts of the scalp pigmentation, which operates in Italy and abroad.

She collaborates with Dr. Vincent Gambino (Head of Hair Restoration Surgery at the Department of Dermatology Cosmetology of Milan San Raffaele Hospital)

She collaborates with Prof. Dr. Torello Lotti MD, MD (Hon)
Professor & Chair of Dermatology
University of Rome “ G.Marconi”
Rome, Italy
Director, Institute of Dermatology
President, World Health Academy Dermatology, Zurich (CH)

University Professor, expert in dermopigmentation, at the Guglielmo Marconi University of Rome.

Professor Responsible for Tricopigmentation courses, for SIACH International Society of Surgical Anatomy

TRICODERM Specialization courses Head Teacher of the BIOTEK Medical Division, Italian Company, dermopigmentation world leader.

05/2014: speaker at SITRI National Congress (Trichology Italian Society)
Treated theme: hair pigmentation beyond aesthetics.

07/2014: collaborates on the project for the prevention and treatment of alopecia.

Androgenetic by Prof Andy Goren (Applied Biology, USA)

In 2012 is the first professional to introduce in Switzerland (Montreux, Lausanne, Geneva) the pigmentation of the scalp.

Achieved certificates

Certificate of participation in the Conference of autumn 2016
Certificate of participation Spring Congress 2016
Certificate of participation Spring Meeting 2015
Certificate of participation Spring Meeting 2014

She currently works with several specialized medical centers:
MILAN – Dr. Vincenzo Gambino
ROME – Health Clinic Dr. Scarpelli
FLORENCE – Istituto Scienze Dermatologiche e rigenerative, Via Vittorio Alfieri 28


Elisabetta Belfiore receives at her studio in Milan, at Piazza Cavour 1, at the Turati Medical Center